7 comments on “Tough Miles Blog 11: Vancouver to Alaska

  1. Good on youse guys for sticking to it,,, from the fotos, looks like you’re having fun. I need to get to Vancouver some day.

    The bears always worry me when I’m up that way.

  2. thermal vests on !!!! great blogs coming fast now — “”keep between the hedges”” as they say in NORN IRON -stay safe enjoy -and load the brain with veiws and memories they will last you a llife time –when your OLD in the pub leaning on your walking stick you will have lots to share !!!!

    • Great to hear from you as always Merv. Yeah, we’re trying to get back up to date with the blogs now so should have another in the next few days!

  3. Fuck yeah! Alaska is the shit XD.
    Mandatory bear picture:

    Looks like you guys are having a rad time though. Way to power through that 4 day drive.

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