6 comments on “Tough Miles Blog 18: Guatemala.

  1. I don’t know why, but this seems like the best post yet. That, or I just look forward to these too much! Great story. Great shots. Favorite shots: 1. Rum & Coke. 2. Pete’s WTF? 3. BMW in the mud. (Yep, that’s mean.) Happy Thanksgiving! (US holiday)

  2. Hi guys this is Phill from http://phillysbigtrip.wordpress.com we met at Hotel Hotel in Seattle being following your blog with interest as I am now behind you guys in Nicaragua I have a couple of question about your intended route through South America as I notice that you keep mentioning you are running out of time so was wondering for my own planning purposes how long you think it will take to get from the top to the bottom of South America as I am also not running out of time but concerned about the weather once it starts getting to winter at the bottom around march so interested in your thoughts and ideas. And did simon the italian guy on the moped make it to Alaska i can not see anything on his blog hope he did 🙂

    safe travels


    • Phil, great to hear from you mate. It was just two days ago I was catching up on your blog. We’re currently in Ecuador. Send me your email address to toughmiles@gmail,com It will be easier for us to have a proper chat over that! Pete

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