14 comments on “Tough Miles Blog 20: Colombia

  1. Ariel, you are the man! Thank you. Rough, tough miles but hey lovely jubbly people all the way. Inspiring. X

  2. This is just another (amongst many!) unbelievable story from ToughMiles, always managing to pull something special out in the middle of nowhere!
    Jon, glad only your bike had to endure such an heavy surgery unlike the bros…
    Take it easy for now on, get the hell out of there (I’m sure you disagree on that one), and come back to work in one piece pls 🙂
    All the best, well done for completing the mission and thanks for sharing : it’s bloody well written for a bench of bikers 😉

    • Thanks Oli……not sure crashing in Colombia is pulling something special out in the middle of nowhere, but what the Maestro did was simply incredible! The Junior Bro is still undergoing surgery. I really feel for those guys. They made a cracking team!

  3. Great blog boys. Glad you’re both still in one piece – someone is smiling on you and I don’t mean that little chica in the black and gold!

    Now your mission is complete I will sponsor you – didn’t want to waste my money if you were just going to crash and stop somewhere did I now? 😉

  4. I enjoy reading your blog so much ( book material surely ? ). You really are tough guys!! It’s heart warming to hear of the people that have helped you out along the way. Wishing you both a continued safe journey.

    • Thanks Ken, very kind words! Glad you enjoy our efforts at a blog….there’s plenty more stories to come….and who knows, maybe we’ve saved some juicy gossip 😉 It really is amazing how many people have helped us out along the way, we just can’t believe it.

  5. peter y jon para mi fuen veradero placer poder colaborar con odisea ojala que todas sus aventuras lleguen a feliz termino siempre pue
    den contar con amigo en pasto y siempre seran bienvenidos a colombia u gran abrazo

  6. Utterly epic guys. Developing-world back-yard mechanics can fix ANYTHING! Glad to hear you’re back on the road and no one was hurt. Really looking forward to that final compilation video. Enjoy the last few weeks.

    • Cheers Jon, the work Maestro did really has been an inspiration to me! My old man will be cursing the Maestro when I get home and start tearing my old motorbike apart in his garage. Still a lot of work to do on the blog before we start considering video footage!

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