5 comments on “Tough Miles Blog 21: Ecuador & Peru

  1. Hi Guys,
    Found your travels quite late but enjoying the read to catch up. Great stuff and great insights into real down to earth motorctcle travelling. Excellent, all the best from us all here.

  2. Great to read your blogs, whilst getting drunk in New Zealand on a round the world trip decided to hit the road in south america, bought 2 new honda NX4’s with the girlfriend and covered 18000 km in a loop santiago Chile to Argentina – Ushuaia up to bolivia then peru and back to santiago, 400cc good size bike for the gnarly stuff, we spent most our time off the main roads in national parks. Sold one bike back to the dealer and my bike to another couple, they’ve just crossed the amazon 2 up on the little tyke and are still going strong. Next up for us Russia/Mongolia looked pretty tough miles going by your blog. Appreciate the effort you’ve put in re blog they’re a ball ache to write, possibly journalism next? reads like the rum diaries…..

    • haha, I’ve not yet seen the Rum Diaries but will def get on the case now you have mentioned it.
      Excited for you about your next trip. Don’t be afraid to contact us if we can offer any advice or tips. Siberia can be pretty rough going at times so I’d be more than happy to share our experience with you.
      You have a blog or anything of your own?

      As for whats next… Not entirely sure just yet but yeah, it sounds like Suzuki are willing to support the creation of a book of some kind. We’re due to chat to them in the next couple of weeks so we’ll see how it goes.

  3. Hello, my friend and I are currently in Ecuador, headed south on out KLR650’s. We will soon be in Peru and are planniing on doing a day trip to Macchu Picchu as well. Can you tell me who you arranged you day trip to the ruins through and how much it cost? Thanks for any information you are able to provide. I am enjoying your blog….great information and very entertaining! Thanks, Zach

    • Hi Zach,
      I’d struggle to remember the name of the tour agency I’m afraid but as soon as you get in to Cuzco you will see that there is no shortage of tour agencies. I’m confident you will arrange it in no time at all.

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