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5 comments on “Contact us

  1. Hi guys, love your blog, think you bought your fuel tanks off my bro…? He sent me the link. Me and my partner are setting off in 13 days on an MT 350 to Moscow via the Arctic Circle and Murmansk. We’re raising money for brain injury – as I had one following a motorbike smash 4 years ago – I’m managing a few symptoms still so we’re GOING SLOW TO MOSCOW Ha!. Our biker blog is

    Good Luck!

    Ruth and John

  2. Gents,
    Saw your post on AdvRIDER. My parents live in The suburbs of Seattle. They would be happy to recieve tyres for you guys’. I’m KTM guy that lives on the east coast, rode to Prudhoe last summer. You can send me a pm via advrider, I left a comment on your thread under trip planning.

    Motorcycle-superstore has the best prices and ships very quickly.

  3. K pasa mamones????hehe!!!!How is going guys???
    What a fantastic adventure!!!
    I’m lookin fwd to drink a beer with you!!!!!
    Un fuerte abrazo amigos!!!!
    Andrea El Vacha!!!

    • Andrea! Como estas? sí, un excelente viaje mi amigo. Ahora estamos en Colombia. Como es londres sin nosotors? haha. Volvemos en enero para cervezas y fiestas entonces necesitas estar listo.
      Abrozo amigo.

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