Bill Mayer Custom Seats.


Anyone that has spent an afternoon on a stock DRZ seat will know that riding the entire world without making any changes is an absolute no go. This choice wasn’t a decision we were going to rush and after hours of on-line research it was clear that the Bill Mayer option was the only one we should be considering.
After informing them of the Cancer Research cause we are fundraising for, Rob Murray and Rocky himself from Bill Mayer jumped at the opportunity to help us out. The quality of their work is incredible and the new shape fo the saddle has really converted the bikes from the dual sports bike it once was to an overland travelling machine capable of offering hours of comfortable riding.

Within weeks of sending the stock seats over to the States, Rocky’s wizardry was complete and the saddles were back in our garage ready for fitting.

The quality of their work was evident from the second we took the new seats out of the box. See the slide show below for pictures of the work in progress. Typically, Rocky likes to have the rider present in person whilst designing the new shape but given the distance between us he had to work with pictures of us sat on the bikes. Despite this, I’m confident that it’s not possible to get a better fit. During the days of test riding the bikes the seats have proved perfect. The seats will clearly not be responsible for cutting our riding days short.

We can’t thank the guys at Bill Mayer enough for their support on this project. We truly couldn’t have done it without them!We’ll 100% be stopping in to thank them in person for their hard work and input to this trip.

Check out their page here: Bill Mayer Saddles

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2 comments on “Bill Mayer Custom Seats.

  1. What is the seat height ?
    How tall are you guys?
    Any difficulty touching ground with feet off-road?

    • Hey Chubby. We’re both just short of 6ft. Neither of us have any issues with toughing the floor. We’ve just finished a heavy stretch of off road in Mongolia and the seat has never caused us any issues. The seat has been a godsend. I wouldn’t dream of doing a trip like this without it!
      Hope this helps.

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