Suzuki DRz 400 S




12 comments on “Suzuki DRz 400 S

  1. Good luck fellas enjoy every moment saw the link on Suzuki Facebook page. Your doing an amazing thing for a cause that has or will affect every single one of us at some point and I for one will spread the word. I have a v strom and a drz and looking at your bikes I might have to sell the strom and mod the drz cause your bikes look ace. Stay safe

  2. Thanks for the comment Matt. We made it to Moscow and the bikes are running really well so far.

  3. good to meet you in Grande Prairie Alberta Canada!….Hope the rest of your journey is as good as can be!….Good luck!

  4. Hi Guys!….How far have u made it today?….Hope everything is going well….Have had lots of people notice your tour and comment! godspeed!

    • Hey Brian.
      All is going really well thanks. We made it down to L.A yesterday. Just nursing a hangover this morning before heading out to see the sights. 🙂

  5. What an amazing story and on the right bikes too. I saw a movie called The Long Way Around with Ewan McGregor and his friend but they were on BMW 1200 or some such bike and they had a hell of a time with soft dirt and sand and keeping the bikes upright. Too much weight in my mind. Both bikes ended up with broken frames as well before they made it to the end. Anyway what an adventure. 1 I would like to take but at my age just not going to happen. Again Great Job !!

  6. Thanks guys for a great read. If you were to do it again (perhaps you have?), and budget oriented, would you pick the same bikes or something bigger/smaller? Said the short (175cm tall), skinny guy considering a long trip. I’ve been waffling between the DRZ or a DR650 or WR or ? The internet is full of opinions about this subject but I’d rather have the opinion of someone who has actually walked the walk.

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