Who is Peter Foulkes?

Peter Foulkes is a Software Consultant based in Central London. After graduating from university in 2005, Pete’s first taste of travel was an 8 month adventure around South America, followed by 4 months covering the South East region of Asia.

Upon returning to the UK Pete secured his fist job in a software based roll, but after 2 years of hard graft he decided to embark on a second trip away, this time to Mumbai, India. It didn’t take long for him to find his feet, and shortly after arriving his first major Indian purchase was complete, a 350cc Royal Enfield Bullet. Using his trusty motorcycle Pete travelled through various parts of India and Nepal, eventually ending with the motorcycle trip of a lifetime through the Kashmir Himalayan range.

After spending 8 months travelling India, Pete returned home and picked up where he left off, working back with the same company prior to his trip. With such a love for travel, Pete made an agreement that he would only stay long enough to raise enough funds before venturing off to Africa.

The duration of the Africa trip was 7 months, after which Pete headed back to his homeland and landed a new job in a Software based position at ToolsGroup UK, working out of Oxford Circus, London. Detailed preparation into his next major motorcycle adventure was quickly underway. This trip somehow had to top that of his others. It could only be a full round the world experience. 2 years later, everything was set…

Read Pete’s pre-ride thoughts by clicking here. 

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