3 comments on “Bearing replacement

  1. all looks good, are you going for heaver chain and a lub system, will the gearing be standard for the trip, what tyres are you running on and will you be putting slim in them.

    • Hi Dave,
      Tyre choice was a really difficult decision to be honest. We have decided to opt for Bridgestone BT45’s to enjoy the good quality roads between here and Ukraine. We will then be flipping to knobblies when we start to hit the rougher stuff. We have Michelin heavy duty tubes to try and prevent punctures.
      As for the gearing, we were tempted to drop a tooth on the rear but after covering some decent miles on a few test rides we have decided to stick with the stock 44 rear for now with a view to change later down the line.
      We’re not using a lube system as many people have reported them shaking to bits so maintaining the chain will become part of our daily departure routine.

  2. I know your adventure was for a couple of years ago.

    I wonder what kind of rear spring in the rear suspension you guys use?

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