9 comments on “Tough Miles Blog 2: Slovakia to Moscow

  1. I think I won’t be sleeping either (and from now on!) thinking about the worlds most dangerous bridge!

  2. Moscow already? Sounds like you’re ripping it up out there!! I take it Pete’s worked out how to put the tent up by now then 😉 Good work boys, loving the updates and enjoying living vicariously through your adventures. Good luck with the next bit – piece of cake for you pros eh – ha.

  3. Great work! Al sent me your link. you’re seriously covering some ground there – looks like an awesome trip, making me itch to hit the road myself. Good luck with the rest… !

    • Yes mate. Thanks for getting in touch. It’s been an awesome trip so far. We’ve got a few steering head bearing issues on my bike so we’ve temporarily stalled just short of the Mongolia border. Update to follow soon.

  4. When you make it acrossed russian on DRZs you’re going to make Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman on their big BMWs look like a pair of little girl lol.

    • 🙂 If we make it that is!! haha. Things are going well so far. Soon to be in Mongolia. Update to follow soon!

    • Hi. What is it you would like to know exactly? The site was initially built on a wordpress template but we have modified some of the script behind the scenes to make it look and feel how it currently does. If you have any specific questions I can help with let me know.

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