11 comments on “Tough Miles Blog 4: You’ll always need another day in Novosibersk

  1. Wow – fantastic blog – loved it and we love you Anatoly and family, thank you – Suse and Pops – Go for it, boys x x

  2. well worth a read !!!!!!!heard you guys on the radio at antolyS place me being a radio ham in ireland stay safe —-de-merv —-mi0tmw ——my the WX be with u

  3. Great read Pete you seem to have a way with words,
    Hope the rest of the bearings hold up on the bike and many thanks to Anatoly for helping you out. You can`t beat the brotherhood of bikers.
    Took the Norton for an MOT and it dumped a load of oil outside the unit so the guy was not pleased.
    Anyway it still passed but I had to replace the mainshaft drive side oil seal, thankfully now all oiltight.
    Good luck with the BAM I can`t wait to read that blog.

  4. Ive always wanted to know what was in Siberia…!? Great blog mate, can’t wait to hear more about the 10 days!

    • ha. Yeah… it’s a strange old place mate. Glad you’re liking the blogs. In Mongolia now. It’s been insane. GOt some decent pics to get up soon.

    • Thanks very much for the links. We’re currently in Mongolia but the internet connection is bad so we can’t access the pages. We will take a look when we make it back to Irkutsk.

  5. Wonderful summary Pete, some of the pix are a lil’ scary. the living conditions and all. ride on

    • ‘Demola. How’s things? Yeah… it’s been an excellent experience. We’re now in Mongolia. This place is equally as exciting. How is Nigeria?

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