11 comments on “Tough Miles Blog 7: The BAM Road

  1. well i know now ,how you feel ,after reading it ,i could read the terror in your words
    its ok for me sitting reading this in my radio shack warm fed dry -well done lads in aid of cancer
    GOD speed on the next section ,im on the edge of my seat!!! cant wait till the book leaves the press ha ha –enjoy the USA good roads and after that mess you need some thing to get you going 73 -501 de merv mi0tmw

  2. Guys, I know the BAM was tough – the posting is amazing – but you have no idea how jealous I am right now! Keep up the good work,

  3. and a well done to the people who helped you out of the GOODNESS of there own heart– —-how society has become—– pregant women standing on the tube in LONDON and men stitting looking at them CLUE-LESS

  4. Wow – it is winning the lottery knowing you both safe! I can’t take in what you have been through. Awesome and big time scary. Don’t tell me about the next challenges just yet! I need time to recover too! xxx

  5. Bloody hell guys, that’s enough of that now, perhaps ease up a notch! Well done though, amazing achievement. Stay safe.

  6. Go on boys. These updates keep getting better and better!! I’m gonna go and buy a hat so I can take it off to you. You wouldn’t have got me over any of those bridges

  7. hope you guys are still on the road—– and well –me here waiting for next writing—–like an adventure unfolding——- safe trip to US

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