15 comments on “Tough Miles Blog 14: U.S. West Coast; Seattle to San Francisco

  1. Have to assume you guys are well into Central America by now,,, hope the trip has continued in a positive vein. (Can hardly wait to hear the results of your meet-up in LA with the Chica. :D)

    • Hi George. Good to hear from you again. The trip certainly has continued in positive. We wrote this blog from Costa Rica. We hope to get the blogs up to date over the next couple of weeks.

  2. You guys are in my neck of the woods.
    I’m just south of you in San Jose.
    Hope you enjoy the ride through Big Sur.
    I recommend the Big Sur River in for lunch if you hit it at the right time.
    I am very much enjoying your blog.
    How long are you in the Bay Area?
    Have fun!!

    • Hi RJ,
      We’re actually much further south already. We’re in Costa Rica! We’re just running a little behind on the blog front but we’re slowly catching up. We had an amazing ride through Big Sur. We rode the Coast Ridge trail which was excellent fun. That blog update should hopefully be up in the next few days. Shame we didn’t know you were there or we would have stopped in to say hello.

      We just noticed your donation on our Just Giving page. Thanks so much!! It really means a lot. we’re slowly reaching our target thanks to the help of people like you so a huge thanks.

  3. u guys will need a detox after all that” good wholesome” state side food !!!!!!! well sounds really g8 the views and with good roads its all over to fast — get ur spanish up to date -as its all coming soon take care “””south of the border down mexico way””” `best regards and a donation on your return —- de- merv mi0tmw—as radio goes— big signals coming in from states /south america if you get the chance get on !! as you did in russia

    • Thanks Merv and great to hear from you as always. We’ll keep an eye out for any more radio operators and who knows… maybe we’ll have a chat over the airwaves again.

  4. Brilliant post guys, sounds like a much needed not-so-tough-miles bit of respite. Onward! Loving the stories…

  5. Just had a big old 5 updates worth of catch up boys. Loving it. Keep them coming – Looking forward to a Medellin update soon!!

  6. AHHHHHH so amazing love a fresh blog from you boys. Such a good read, enough to make me sick with envy as the winter is setting in here. Love to you both xxxx

  7. “Well, San Fran wasn’t going to be any different to any other of the big cities”

    BOY is that far from the truth. There isn’t another city in the world like SF, you’ll have to go back chaps.

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