3 comments on “Tough Miles Blog 16: Mexico’s Baja Peninsula.

  1. Great story! Good thing you only had to deal with Miriam. Paul would have had you eating the worm from the bottoms of many a mezcal bottle! Love the recap of Northern Baja. It really is spectacular scenery. And the twisties through the different mountain ranges, – Ensenada-Colonet, into El Rosario, and the rest of them – what fun! I’m surprised about the deposit for the bikes. I’ve never had to pay that. Maybe my kit just isn’t worth it! Shiny side up!

  2. The trouble with being a “child of the 60’s”, either a hippie, or a hippy, is that technology like skype, smart?phones, GPS, and leaves me dazed and confused. I am wandering around Panama, scheduled for a Steel Rat passage on November 17th. Glad to see that you two are still in one piece, and imagine that you will find the time to post your SA adventures and advice in real time??


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